We are a team based in Hamburg. Welcome to a virtual place, where we can learn, share and explore the world of design with relevant social and politics "words". 

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1ne Word Per Week



We are a bunch of passionate designers looking to break routines of a full-time job. What started as a team initiative and creative challenge in early 2019 slowly turned into a small passion project. The task is simple: create a poster every week no matter what. Every Thursday a word is chosen to freely explore and interpret visually and with any medium.



Want to join? Stay tuned for the weekly word and submit your own poster marked with the hashtag of the weekly word. All posters submissions are revealed on Thursdays at noon.

You can submit your poster via Weeklywordcollective@gmail.com

We will check them out and feature your poster on our website weekly. Thank you!

ABC-Straße 47, 20354 Hamburg

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